Bio-Strath Bio-strath Elixir 250ml GIVKZPCTR

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BIO-STRATH Elixir 250mlBio-Strath is natural strengthening product derived from herbal yeast. All the vital Substances are of natural orgin and present in biological equilibrium.The action of the Bio-Strath Food Supplements is derived from the totality of constituents.The Bio-Strath process involves feeding selected herbal extracts to the yeast cells and then liquefying these in a fermentation process (Plasmolysis). Thanks to this Bio-Strath process the body is better able to take up the vital substances (optimum bioavailability).Bio-Strath Food Supplements contain no artificially produced additives(preservatives, colourings, flavourings) and no genetically modifiedingredients.The tablets are sugar-free and gluten-free and therefore ideal for dia-betics or celiac patients.Bio-Strath Food Supplements are of plant origin and therefore also ideal for vegetarians.

Bio-Strath Bio-strath Elixir 250ml GIVKZPCTR

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